November 20, 2017

Tourist Dies In Buscalan, Tinglayan While Visiting Tattoo Artist Whang-od

A female tourist who hailed from Quezon City in Manila died during a visit to Buscalan, Tinglayan in the province of Kalinga. According to the Kalinga police, the incident happened on Saturday (November 18). The tourist along with her group went to Buscalan to visit Apo Whang-od, the world-famous tattoo artist who makes Buscalan as her residence.

The woman has been identified as Agustina Ng delos Reyes, a 55-year-old widow who resided at barangay Holy Spirit in Quezon City. Initial investigation by the Tinglayan Municipal Police Station divulged that delos Reyes and her group of other tourists arrived at Buscalan around noon on November 18. They were in the company of Raffy Baod, the 27-year-old man they hired to serve as their guide for the duration of their visit.

According to witnesses, delos Reyes got very dizzy when they arrived in Buscalan. She then collapsed inside the house where they were resting. Her daughter who was with her at that time tried to revive her by applying first aid. It was to no avail.

Photo from Pinterest.

Police investigators are still trying to identify the cause of delos Reyes's death. With the incident, tourists especially those who have existing health conditions are advised to ensure that they are strong enough to go to Buscalan before they go there. Tourists have to walk a considerable distance to get to the village.

November 4, 2017

Three Girls Drown At Demachikchik River In Salvacion, Busuanga, Palawan

Two young girls and a 21-year-old woman passed away after drowning during a swimming trip at the Demachikchik River in sitio Demangan, barangay Salvacion, municipality of Busuangan last Wednesday. The two minors are sisters and the older woman is their cousin.

According to police investigators, the three went swimming at the Demachikchik River even though it was raining very hard. They get swept away by the strong current caused by the heavy rain.

The three victims were identified as Laiza Mayo (21 years old), Catherine Apolinario (13 years old), and Catline Apolinario (12 years old). The tragic incident happened between 2:30 and 3:00 in the afternoon of said day. The three were in the company of friends and relatives when the drowning occurred. Some of them tried to help the three girls but to no avail.

Rescuers who recovered and retrieved the three rushed them to the Busuanga Rural Health Unit. Physicians tried to resuscitate them but they weren't successful in their attempts. All three were residents of barangay Salvacion.

4 Practical Tips on How Getting Your Strength Training to the Next Level

Whether you want to build a more athletic body or you simply want to become healthier, the initial focus of your workouts should be on strength training. This is the glue that will keep your exercises together in the succeeding weeks or months. Always remember that as you grow stronger, your tolerance level also increases. This means that you get to work out at a higher pace and at longer periods of time.

However, strength training is easier said than done. You have to do it right if you want to achieve positive results. To help you out, here are some practical tips that can serve as your guide:

1. Always remember the Big Four of strength building. These are deadlift, squat, shoulder press, and bench press. When you join a gym, make sure that there’s an instructor around to teach you the basics of doing these exercises. The instructor will tell you what you need to do and the duration of your routines.
2. Maintain a log of your workouts. This is the easiest and simplest way to track your progress. It helps you track your best lifts and reps as they correspond with certain weights. Your workout log should be able to tell you if you are getting stronger or not.
3. Add weights slowly. Never make the mistake of going for heavy weights right away. This is the biggest reason why many people plateau with their training. Adding weights slowly is the best strategy because it allows your body and muscles to adapt to the increasing pressure.
4. Building your strength is also about improving your cardio. It’s simple, really. If you have good cardio, improving your strength would be easier and faster. With that said, you should put some of your efforts into cardio training. The best way to do this is to go long-distance running or cycling. You can simulate this scenario in the gym by using the running and cycling machines.

Keep in mind that strength training takes time and dedication. When you join a gym, see to it that you follow your training schedule. Just one missed workout can jeopardize your training.

October 24, 2017

Antonio P. Contreras Fired From Radio Station; Blames Vice-President Leni Robredo

Antonio P. Contreras, one of the most vocal critics of Vice-President Leni Robedo, received the pink slip from a radio station he's been working for during the last year or so. In a Facebook post, Contreras narrated that he heard the news when he went to his morning radio show, the offices of which are located at the Capitol Commons in Pasig City. Contreras hosts a morning show called Karambola for DWIZ 882. He hosts the show with Jojo Robles, Conrad Banal, and Jonathan Dela Cruz.

In the same Facebook post, Contreras claimed that he was fired by DWIZ becaus of Robredo. In the words of Contreras: "I was fired by the station not for anything else but because of Leni Robredo."

"Jojo A. Robles informed me of the station's decision to let me go because accordingly I am allegedly becoming too partisan and anti-Leni," he added.

Here's the full text of Contreras's post:
"No more Karambola for me. I don't know how to say this to you. But I woke up early to travel to Capitol Commons, eager to join the Karambola Team, a team I was proud of being a part of for the past year. Only to be told that I am being booted out. I was fired by the station not for anything else but because of Leni Robredo. Jojo A. Robles informed me of the station's decision to let me go because accordingly I am allegedly becoming too partisan and anti-Leni.

This is strange. I have been not as rabidly articulate about my dislike of Robredo for the good part of the year. In fact, I have been ignoring her. I rarely talk about her on the air or write about her in my columns.It looks like people acting on behalf of Robredo have somewhat pressured the station to fire me from the show.

Leni Robredo, let me tell you this. You may have succeeded in having me fired from Karambola, but you have not won. You may have just reignited the fire in me to take you up and take you down. That is not a threat. That is a promise."
He wrote this follow-up post moments later:
"Leni Robredo, I am back! Isn't it ironic that you had me fired from Karambola when I was already ignoring you. Now, what you did was to make me once again train my guns on you. I have not said this for a long long time. You are human. You have a brain. But it looks like you do not use it."

Antonio P. Contreras is also a columnist for the daily broadsheet The Manila Times and a professor at De La Salle University.

October 21, 2017

Fil-Am Boxer Ana Julaton Loses Via Split Decision In Her Bellator Debut

Fil-Am boxer Ana Julaton stumbled on her Bellator debut last night at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut, United States. Although she fought her heart out against Lisa Blaine, she fell short in clinching the victory. Blaine took home the bacon with a split-decision win. Two of the ringside judges scored the bout 29-28 in favor of Blaine. The third judge scored the bout 29-28 for Julaton. With the victory, Blaine improves her professional record to 2 wins and no losses. On the other hand, Julaton drops to 2 wins and 3 losses.

The two fighters started out slow on the first round as they felt each other out. The exchanges were pretty even until the last minute when Blaine scored a takedown and landed a couple of elbows. Blaine also attempted a guillotine choke but was unsuccessful. The takedown, ground and pound, and choke attempt earned Blaine the first round.

Julaton was more aggressive on the second round. She threw more kicks and spinning attempts. She also attempted a choke. During a scramble on the ground with Julaton on top, she was able to land strikes to end the round. The round was close but it was Julaton's round.

The third round was all Blaine as she once again took the fight to the mat and worked on her ground and pound. Julaton was able to make it back to her feet during the last minute but it was already too late. Blaine left her behind in the scorecards.

Prior to her Bellator debut, Julaton fought in the Asia-based MMA promotion, One Championship. She racked up 2 wins and 2 losses there. Although she fights in MMA, Julaton is still a very active boxer. As a boxer, she currently holds a record of 14 wins, 4 losses, and 3 draws.

October 16, 2017

Teacher (Identified As Khyme Hikilan) Drowns In Masagana Falls In Barangay Irawan

A high school teacher drowned during a youth retreat event at Masagana Falls in barangay Irawan on Sunday morning (October 15). The man was identified as Khyme Hikilan, a MAPEH teacher at the Sicsican National High School and a resident of the Golden Valley Subdivision. He was only 28 years old.

According to the Puerto Princesa City Police, Hikilan was in the company of his students and some parents and they were at Masagana Falls to conduct a three-day youth retreat camping event. According to the police report, during a swimming session, several of the students were being carried downstream by the river current when Hikilan jumped in to rescue them. It was then that he was carried away by the current.

Hikilan's lifeless body was retrieved several hours later through the combined efforts of volunteers, concerned citizens, the Philippine Coast Guard, the Bureau of Fire Protection, and the Philippine Navy. The search started in the morning until late in the afternoon. Rescuers had to use oxygen tanks because Hikilan's body was stuck in a deep portion of the river.

Photo credit: Puerto Princesa Police Department.
Students, friends, family, and acquaintances of Hikilan wrote messages of condolences when the story broke on social media. A certain Jabel Nunala wrote: "We know you are in a better place and one day we shall meet again. In our hearts, you will always be. Your love, your voice, your smile are forever imprinted in our minds. Goodbye for now Sir Khyme."

Good News: Filipinos Can Now Visit And Enter Taiwan Without A Visa

In an official statement released on Monday (October 16), the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines (TECO) announced that Filipinos who want to visit Taiwan can now enter the country without a visa. The visa-free entry is only available to Filipinos who:
1. are visiting Taiwan for the purpose of tourism, business, visiting relatives, and attending functions or events
2. are staying in Taiwan for a duration that doesn't exceed fourteen (14) days

The initiative will go through a trial period starting from November 1, 2017 and ending on July 31, 2018. According to the TECO, the initiative is part of the country's "goodwill and efforts of the 'New Southbound Policy' to build closer people-to-people exchange of visits and an economic community between Taiwan and the Philippines."

Furthermore, you can be a visa-free visitor if you meet these requirements:
1. an ordinary/regular passport with remaining validity of at least six months from the date of entry (diplomatic and official passport holders are not eligible for visa-free treatment)
2. a return ticket or a ticket for the traveler's next destination and a visa for that destination  if it is required
3. no criminal record in Taiwan
4. a proof of accommodation or hotel booking or host/sponsor's contact information or arrangements of tour, travel, visit, events, and meetings, etc.

The TECO clarified that "those who intend to stay in Taiwan for more than fourteen days or for the purpose of study, work, missionary, employment, and other gainful activities are still required to obtain appropriate visas before entering Taiwan."

Taiwan is hoping that the Philippines will return the favor by granting visa-free entry by Taiwan nationals into the Philippines. Dr. Gary Song-Huann Lin, Taiwan Representative to the Philippines, emphasized that "through these significant efforts, we will surely enhance our bilateral tourism, economic, cultural, educational and other areas of cooperation and exchanges which will eventually bring mutual benefits to the peoples of Taiwan and the Philippines."