September 4, 2015

UP Professor: "Atheists Kill Because Nothing Is Sacred To Them, Not Even Human Life"

Atheists are harassing and killing Lumad leaders in Mindanao. This proclamation was part of a Facebook rant by University of the Philippines professor Gerardo Lanuza. In said Facebook post dated September 4, Lanuza lambasted people who use the "respect for religion" defense against critics of their faith. Lanuza noted how Jesus Christ "respected the marginalized groups" while disrespecting "Pharisees, the Scribes and those in power".

Lanuza then urged readers of his post not to call him an atheist  because according to him, atheists are those "who harass and kill Lumad leaders". Lanuza is referring to the group of indigenous people living within Mindanao. Lanuza added that atheists "kill because nothing is sacred to them, not even human life".

Here is Lanuza's Facebook post in full, "Tigilan niyo yang respect for religion. Respect for religion ends where common good begins. Jesus respected the marginalized groups in his time. But he did not respect the Pharisees, the Scribes and those in power. His disrespect led to his crucifixion. And don't call me atheist. The atheists are those who harass and kill Lumad leaders. They kill because nothing is sacred to them, not even human life."

In the rather lively discussions that followed, Professor Lanuza made a series of posts as well as responses to comments, some of which we are reposting below. Read them and you be the judge. Is Lanuza making sense intellectually? Or is he spouting drivel?

1) I am not concerned with atheism or religion! INC ka man o bakla, I don't care! All I care is Jesus' ethical imperative in Matthew 25-- "Then they also will answer, saying, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to you?" We love to debate atheism versus Spinoza's pantheism yet we are not moved by the killings of Lumads in Caraga! Aren't we being assholes here? Atheism for what? Marx was an atheist for communism! Freud was an atheist for human psychical liberation. Feuerbach was atheist for human emancipation. Ikaw bakit ka atheist? Pabebe atheist?

2) Atheism is also a religion.

3) Are you hurt by equating atheism with human rights violations? What if I yell you that Marx is more Christian than Jesus Christ? Hurt ka rin? Why this passion for atheism! Truly, you are religious.

4) Wow. A good commentary. For me the debate between theism and atheism is a useless shit. Both are still operating within the purview of metaphysics. And we can do now is to go beyond this metaphysical morass and cross to dialectical materialism. 

5) So what is atheism?

6) My position on atheism -- "We shall always preach the scientific world-outlook, and it is essential for us to combat the inconsistency of various “Christians”. But that does not mean in the least that the religious question ought to be advanced to first place, where it does not belong at all..." -- Lenin. Our primary enemy is imperialism, not religion. Bureaucrat capitalism, not God! When we defeat these enemies, then, we can pose the proper question about atheism.

7) Atheist ako? Basahin mo muna si Karl Birth, Swiss theologian-- "The atheism that is the real enemy is the ‘Christianity’ that professes faith in God very much as a matter of course, perhaps with great emphasis, and perhaps with righteous indignation at atheism wild or mild, while in its practical thinking and behavior it carries on exactly as if there were no God. It professes its belief in him, lauds and praises him, while in practice he is the last of the things it thinks about, takes seriously, fears or loves. . " sinong atheist sa atin ngayon? Ikaw, na walang pakialam sa kapwa mo! Gago! Dasal ka ng dasal ayaw naman magbigay ng Bracket E sa mahihirap na students! Simba ng simba wala namang pakialam sa mga pinapatay na mga Lumads! Practical atheists! Fuckheads!

8) You are willing to defend your atheism? What an idealist delusion! How can you defend a belief in the negation of Nothing when you could not even affirm the poor contractual worker right next to you! Stop fidgeting about atheism and start organizing for Heaven here on Earth! The true THEIST is someone who is still passionate about God and atheism. For as long as the as the workers are happy, let's leave Heaven to sparrows.

9) Pag atheist daw kasi feeling gwapo! Nagiging curious ang mga pabebe sa mga lalaking atheists! Pero alam mo ba ang bigat ng consequences how to live as true atheist? Daling sabihing atheist ako! -- mahirap panindigan.

10) I believe in dialectical materialism. So asan ang atheism dun? Kung tanga ka, yan nga ang itatanong mo! The Predicate is already in the subject, so why affirm it further? Tautology!

11) Atheism is a benign belief with no political consequences! Fuck! Kant was persecuted for his agnosticism (not yet full atheism). And Marx was forced to renounced his citizenship. Nietzsche went into madness. If you think atheism is easy, then, your atheism is just PABEBE! Pinapatay po ang mga atheists!

12) Sarap lang mang asar ng mga rabid atheists dito sa FB! They could not even comprehend Wittgenstein's analysis of religious language and elaborated by D. Z. Phillips. When you say God, is that constative or performative? Hahaha! So much grudge against God and religion, too little care for the world and the poor.

13) That atheism of most people here debating and trolling my posts is just a product of hatred against elementary catechism.

Professor Lanuza is not a stranger when it comes to attracting controversy. Way back in June, Professor Lanuza got a lot of attention for comments he made about Tiffany Uy, the UP student with a near-perfect grade.