December 11, 2015

Thai Man Throws A Shoe At A Monkey. Monkey Fights Back. (Video)

If you see a monkey biting into your motorcycle's leather seat and then peeing on it, what would you do? Surely, you'd try to shoo it away. Shout at it at the top of your lungs hoping it would scamper away. Or you could take off one of your shoes and flung it towards the pesky primate. The latter option may sound like a great idea but it's not. A young man from Thailand found out the hard way that throwing a shoe at a monkey is a recipe for disaster. And everything was captured on video. It sucks for the young Thai man but it's good for us internet-type folks who are always in the lookout for a good laugh.

So there were these two (maybe three) young men from Thailand hanging out at the side of the road with their bikes parked near them. Out of nowhere, this monkey hops on one of the parked bikes and started having fun on it. First, he started biting on the bike's seat. The men tried to shoo it away but it wouldn't budge. Tempers reached new levels when the monkey decided to empty his gall bladder right on top of the bike.

That's when one of the men took off one of his shoes and flung it at the monkey. Unfortunately for the young man, this didn't instill fear in the monkey at all. Instead, the monkey dashed right at him in full speed, jumping on him, and taking him to the ground. The man got up and a fist fight ensued. In the video, the man can be seen throwing combinations at the monkey like he's Muhammad Ali or something. The man even did some Muay Thai moves on the monkey. And of course the classic pocket sand move.

If you are among those people who regularly dreams of seeing a monkey enter into a knife fight with a human, this video is for you. There are no knives involved but it's close. Moral of the story - don't throw a shoe at a monkey even if it urinates on your parked bike.