February 24, 2016

App Reviews: AutoBcon, App Lock, And AudioRec Voice Recorder

AutoBcon Review
Are you among those people who keep on forgetting where they parked their car? Remembering where you parked your car can be difficult especially if you are in an unfamiliar area. Fortunately, there's a really good app that can help you. This brings us to AutoBcon, a sleek app that basically tells you exactly where you left your car. The app is very easy to use as well. After parking your vehicle, you simply shake your phone A marker will be placed in the map about the exact location of your car. If you want to get back where you parked your car, you simply press on the marker and it will show you the car's location. The app will show you how many meters or miles are between you and your car. You can toggle the app settings so that it will either show meters or miles.

AutoBcon also serves another function. And that is it helps you find available parking spaces in your area. You will receive available parking space information as relayed by other users of the app. This means you will be getting alerts if there's available parking space nearby.

App Lock Review
If you want all of the apps in your mobile phone or tablet to be always safe from hackers or intruders, you need to avail of this app. What this app does is prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the apps in your phone. How does it accomplish this? Well, it allows you to lock the applications in your phone using a lock pattern or a PIN. You have the option of using either the text password or the locking pattern. Of course, you are also free to turn the app on and off as you deem fit.

App Lock enables you to feel secure about the contents and applications you have in your phone. Nobody can access the apps as long as you have turned on the application. You can also choose from multiple protection modes.

AudioRec Voice Recorder Review
There are so many recording apps in the market today but most of them don't really function as advertised. AudioRec is very different in a way because it completely delivers what it promises. It's a very efficient recorder that you can use anywhere you go. The sound it captures is of great quality that you anyone who listens to it will think that it was recorded from an advanced sound studio. With just a tap, you can gain access to your recordings and play them. if you're not satisfied with the recording, you can easily delete it and record another one in mere seconds.

You can also edit the name of the recording and share it with your friends with ease. There are a lot of people who will find this app valuable. If you're a musician, a journalist, or anyone who needs to capture sounds, this application is a must-have for you. It supports a lot of audio formats and you can share the recordings the very minute you capture them.