March 30, 2016

Jollibee Releases A Statement Denying A Columnist's Claim That Tony Tan Caktiong Has Declared Support For Duterte

Sorry Duterte fans and supporters, Tony Tan Caktiong and his company Jollibee are apolitical. That basically means they are not interested or involved in politics. In the company's official Facebook page, the company released a short statement denying the assertion of a newspaper columnist that Tony Tan Caktiong has declared his support for Rodrigo Duterte's bid for the Philippine presidency.

It can be recalled that Rey O. Arcilla, a columnist for the business newspaper Malaya claimed in a recent article that Caktiong has directly endorsed Duterte. In a piece titled Digong by a Landslide, Arcilla wrote: "Another bad news for Digong’s opponents… Billionaire Tony Tan Caktiong, who is from Davao and is the owner of the now world famous fast food chain Jollibee, has just declared his support for the Davao Mayor! With the millions of loyal Jollibee customers around the country, Tan Caktiong’s endorsement is certainly a tremendous boost to Hizzoner Duterte’s winning ways."

Some supporters of Duterte took screenshots of the article and posted it on social media sites (Facebook and Twitter). Several versions of the screenshots and memes went viral. This prompted Jollibee to release a statement and deny the claim.
Here's what the statement said:
"Jollibee and its founder and Chairman Tony Tak Caktiong are apolitical and as such, do not endorse any political candidate, organization or agenda.

Both the company and Mr. Tony Tan Caktiong are all for fair, clean and honest elections this coming May 2016.

Jollibee's thrust as a company, then and now, is to continue spreading joy to the Filipino people thru our langhap-sarap offerings and joyful bonding moments.

Thank you."