April 26, 2016

Councilor Candidate Cayetano Oro Jr. Shot Dead In Pawa, Matnog, Sorsogon

A political candidate named Cayetano Oro Jr. who was running for councilor in the town of Matnog in Sorsogon was killed after being shot at by still unidentified gunmen on Monday night. According to the police, the shooting incident occurred right after a political rally in barangay Pawa in said town. Policemen are still in the process of investigating the motive behind the killing of the political candidate. No other person was harmed during the incident. There are rumors that the perpetrators are members of the rebel group New People's Army or NPA. As of this writing, the NPA has not denied nor confirmed the allegations that they are behind the attack.

Cayetano Oro Jr. received numerous hits from the bullets in different parts of his body. He died on the spot. According to Police Superintendent Nonito Marquez of the Sorsogon Provincial Police Office, Oro has been receiving death threats in the past. Oro has served as a barangay captain in Matnog for over a decade. He was running for councilor under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) party. UNA is the political party of incumbent vice-president and presidential candidate Jejomar Binay.

Before he was killed, Oro accompanied gubernatorial candidate Roberto Reyes during a house-to-house political campaign in barangay Tablac. According to Reyes, he dropped off Oro near the Matnog Municipal Hall before his party proceeded to the town of Juban. A few hours later, Oro was attacked by a group of armed men.

Here's what Reyes posted on his Facebook account: "NEWS FLASH. Cayetano "Onoy" Oro, Jr., a barangay captain for 18 years in Matnog town of Sorsogon Province, was shot dead early tonight Mr. Onoy Oro was a candidate for the Matnog Municipal Council of the opposition UNA Party. A few hours before he was killed by unidentified killer/s, Mr. Oro accompanied independent gubernatorial candidate Lolo Bobby M. Reyes in a house-to-house campaign in Barangay Tablac, where he told people that he and his clan were now openly supporting Reyes's gubernatorial bid. Lolo Bobby dropped off Mr. Oro near the Matnog Municipal Hall before he and his party left for Juban town on another campaign stop."