April 5, 2016

How To Effectively Communicate And Talk To Turkeys

If you think horse whisperers and dog whisperers are awesome, wait till you see this young turkey whisperer. What's more amazing is that he is only two years old. And there's video proof of the kid communicating with the turkeys. Well, unless you can understand turkey talk, the exchange would not make any sense for you. But what's important is that the kid and the flock of turkeys are engaged in some form of communication.

In the video, the kid can be seen eyeing a flock of turkeys from a distance in what looks like a suburban neighborhood. He's being videoed by a woman who told him to talk to the turkeys. So the kid started talking to the turkeys. What ensued is an enthusiastic exchange between the kid and the turkeys. But only them know what the hell they are talking about.

Here's a bit of trivia about turkeys: they were first domesticated by Native Americans for their feathers which they then used for making robes, blankets, and headgear ornaments.

Anyway, here's the young turkey whisperer talking with a flock of turkeys: