July 1, 2016

5 Important Lift Repair Tips (Elevator) You Should Be Aware Of

If you own or manage a building that makes use of an elevator, you should always be prepared in the event that it malfunctions or stops working altogether. Elevators have a very complicated electrical system which can only be fixed by professionals who have the knowledge as well as the experience in fixing broken elevators. The good news is that majority of companies who install elevators usually offer a guarantee that they will be fixing the elevators they install when these break down. In instances wherein there is no agreement such as this, it is up to you to try to determine what needs to be done with the elevator system. With that said, below are practical lift repair tips (elevator) that you can follow when the system in your building breaks down.

1) Hire your own elevator mechanics. The wiring and electrical system in an elevator is very complicated but a person with a basic knowledge on how these systems work can learn how to fix the elevator when it stops working. You can hire the mechanic to work for you either on a full-time or part-time basis. However, you have to understand that elevators should be inspected every day before business hours start to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

2) Replace equipment or parts that keep on malfunctioning. The most common problem with elevators is that when a single part malfunctions, the whole system breaks down. Just a simple electrical wire burning out can cause the whole elevator to stop working. The parts of the elevator lift itself are very sensitive and can easily malfunction if they are not maintained properly. Of course, you can always try to repair a part that malfunctions. But if it keeps on malfunctioning, it's advisable that you remove it and replace it with a brand new part.

3) Do not use industrial cleaners in cleaning the insides or the parts of your elevator. The internal mechanisms of the elevator are prone to corrosion which can cause irreparable damage on parts or equipment. So what should you use in cleaning the elevator? It's advisable that you ask for a recommendation from your elevator contractor. They built and installed the elevators so they should know what types of chemicals can be used to clean them.

4) Identify the source of the problem before you call in professionals. The most common reasons why an elevator stops working are either an electrical wire has been cut or a part of the elevator got damaged. If you employ someone who maintains your building's electrical system, he should be able to identify the reason why the elevator malfunctioned.

5) Don't try to fix the elevator if it's suspended mid-air. You can try to identify what caused the problem but don't attempt on getting inside the elevator to avoid unnecessary accidents. If the broken elevator is suspended to high, it's recommended that you call your elevator contractor to check the thing.

The Bottom Line
The lift repair tips (elevator) discussed above are not that difficult to follow. By keeping them in mind, you ensure that your elevator is well-taken care of and that unnecessary accidents are avoided.