July 5, 2016

Actor Cesar Montano Releases First Teaser Photo From His Upcoming Movie "Sultan Qudarat"

Actor and director Cesar Montano is currently in the thick of shooting his latest film Sultan Qudarat, a historical epic about Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat. The actor posted a production image from the film on his official Facebook page. The photo shows Montano and several long-haired men in full battle gear. It's still unknown if Montano will be playing the title role of Kudarat. But from the looks of the teaser image, we are betting that the actor will be portraying the hero.

Kudarat once reigned as the Sultan of Maguindanao from 1619 up until his death in 1671. The cause of his death is still being debated up to this day. Kudarat is mostly known among Filipinos as the Muslim leader who successfully fought and opposed the Spaniards who attempted to conquer his land and convert his people into Christianity. According to history books, Kudarat rose to power by defeating several neighboring tribes and uniting them under his rule. At one point, he was friendly with the Spaniards and Dutch. There's also evidence that he traded with the foreigners.

But when the Spaniards tried to conquer his subjects, that's when their relations turned sour and Kudarat was forced to fight off the Spaniards. In the many wars that ensued, Kudarat and his men were able to capture many Spanish soldiers then sold them back to the Spanish government for a hefty ransom. However, a peace treaty between the two camps was signed and Spanish missionaries were allowed to establish Christianity in some parts of Mindanao. In his later years, Kudarat and his men raided towns in Leyte.

Photo courtesy of Cesar Montano's Facebook page.
A Sultan Qudarat full movie trailer is also yet to be released. Furthermore, Montano didn't divulge in his Facebook post when his movie Sultan Qudarat will hit theaters. He simply stated that the film will be "coming soon." Sultan Qudarat will be the latest in several Tagalog movies that Montano made centering on historical figures. It can be recalled that the actor/director has played historical figures in the films Kid Kulafu, Alfredo S. Lim: The Untold Story, El Presidente, The Great Raid, Chavit, and Jose Rizal.