October 31, 2016

Georgetown University Of America Offering Scholarship Opportunity For Students From The Philippines

To all Filipino students out there aspiring to get a scholarship from a prestigious American university, here's your chance. The Walsh School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University is offering a scholarship opportunity that covers full tuition as well as provide an allowance for living expenses. In a statement announcing the inaugural scholarship, the school said that it prefers students from the Philippines. Also referred to as the Fr. Ben Nebres, S.J. Scholarship, the grant enables the deserving student to finish a two-year master's degree in Global Human Development.

The curriculum for the course will include the following: economics of development, program design and implementation, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, management, international political economy, monitoring and evaluation, finance, and budgeting. On top of the extensive curriculum, the students also have several opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge they learned during the program. These opportunities are a summer field project, an internship at an international development organization, and a client engagement project.

The required application materials for interested students are as follows: personal statement, official transcripts and test scores (GREs and TOEFL/IELTS), online application, supplemental data sheet, and three letters of recommendation.
According to Georgetown University, the scholarship will be awarded on a student based on the overall strength of his or her application. Deadline for admission is January 15, 2017. For more information about the scholarship, interested students are advised to read the announcement of the scholarship here. To learn more about the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, go here.