November 8, 2016

How To Use Videos To Create An Awesome Social Media Presence

Video marketing is a very important aspect of promoting products or services online. If you are an entrepreneur, it's highly recommended that you start creating high-quality videos to boost your online reputation. There are a lot of avenues where you can share your video content but if you want to maximize your reach, you should focus on social media sites. 

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram have a combined number of users that go beyond a billion people. This is a huge market that you can tap into if you play your cards right. If you are new into video marketing via social media, below are some practical tips that can help you out.

1) Cross-promote your videos in several platforms. This means you should upload your content in as many platforms as possible. Put it on Facebook, YouTube, and even Vimeo. These sites allow you to upload videos with no limitations whatsoever. For short very short videos, you can utilize Twitter and Instagram. After uploading your content, make it a point to share them via cross-promotion. For instance, if you uploaded a video on YouTube, you should share a link to it on Facebook and Twitter.

2) Encourage people to share or embed your videos. One of the biggest benefits of using social media sites is that there is always the chance that your content will go viral. One way to increase the chances of this happening is to set your video settings so that people can share them or embed them in their own sites and blogs. The embed option is available for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

3) Optimize your videos with the right titles and tags. This is especially important if you use YouTube. In using titles and tags that are very relevant to the content of the video, it will be a lot easier for people to find it whether they are using a search engine or YouTube's search tab. Do the same thing whether you are uploading content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo.

4) If you have the budget for it, you should try taking advantage of the advertising options being offered by Facebook and YouTube. Advertising on the sites are not that expensive and your videos will be exposed to more people.

In a nutshell, using videos to boost your social media presence is an effective strategy. It's not that difficult to do considering the availability of tools and resources that you can utilize to create professional-looking videos. Just be persistent with the strategy and sooner or later you will see your social media reputation grow in leaps and bounds.