January 18, 2017

3 Important Reminders Before You Start Training Muay Thai In Singapore

Singapore offers a lot of opportunities for people interested in getting fit. One of the most popular fitness trends in the city today is Muay Thai training. Originating from nearby Thailand, this combat sport is very effective in building leaner and stronger physiques, because it utilizes almost all parts of the body. Just an hour of Muay Thai strikingly works out your body from head to toe. However, before you start training, here are a few things you should be aware of.

1. It's a full-contact sport that will require intensive training and a significant amount of your time. That's why, you should be ready to invest your efforts and time in the endeavor. The first few weeks can be painful as your body adjusts to the grueling regimen. It's during these first few weeks that a lot of trainees give up. If you manage to get through these first few weeks, training becomes easier from then on. In fact, you will start enjoying the training sessions as they slowly turn into a habit.

2. You need to find a good camp with experienced and knowledgeable coaches and training partners. There's a saying in the martial arts community that states you are only as good as the people you train with. So you should find a gym in Singapore offering Muay Thai lessons that are taught by people who actually practice the sport. Before you sign up with a gym, learn more about the trainers running its Muay Thai program.

3. Hydration and sustenance is very important in your training regimen. During a training session, you will be constantly sweating. If you don't hydrate and replenish your body with much-needed electrolytes before, during, and after sessions, your body will suffer. As much as possible, your drinks should be composed of water, fresh fruit juices, and reputable energy drinks like Gatorade. When it comes to your diet, you should avoid sugary foods, wheat products, fried foods, and processed meat. And also, introduce a lot more fruits and vegetables into your daily meals.

What's great about Muay Thai is that not only does it help you stay healthy, strong, and fit, it also helps you acquire self-defense skills. You'll learn how to use all your limbs to fight and defend against potential attackers. And last but not the least, the sport also pays a lot of attention to mental discipline. It teaches trainees how to control and manage their emotions when inside of the ring.