January 18, 2017

Across The Crescent Moon Starring Matteo Guidicelli Opens On January 25 Nationwide

It's all systems go for the scheduled release of the action-drama Across the Crescent Moon this coming 25th of January (Wednesday). The film will open in theaters all over the Philippines. Please check your local movie theaters and listings to confirm if they will be showing the movie. Produced, written, and directed by Baby R. Nebrida, Across the Crescent Moon tackles the themes of human trafficking, slavery, and interfaith romantic relationships in the Philippines. Another interesting fact about the film is that it had acclaimed director Topel Lee (Basement, Amorosa, Tumbok, White House, Ouija) as the director of photography (DOP).

Across the Crescent Moon is a Tagalog movie tells the story of a couple caught in a world of violence, crime, and religious strife. The main protagonist is Abbas Misani, a specialist cop who comes from a Muslim family but married to a devout Christian woman named Emma. If the interfaith union isn't a problem enough for the couple, both of their families don't agree with the marriage. Abbas is played by Matteo Guidicelli while Emma is portrayed by Alexandra Godinez.

Also starring in the film are Joem Bascon, Ivan Carapiet, Christopher de Leon, Dina Bonnevie, Gabby Concepcion, Ku Aquino, Sandy Andolong, Sasha Tajaran, Leo Martinez, Rez Cortez, and Jackie Aquino. You can watch the trailer here.

Here's the complete synopsis for the film (Source: the film's official Facebook page):
"The story revolves around a SAF exemplary Agent, Abbas Misani, played by Matteo Guidicelli,a good Muslim who is married to Emma, played by Alex Godinez whose parents with strict Christian upbringing played by Dina Bonnevie and Gabby Concepcion would not accept both Abbas and Emma to their family. Matteo comes from a happy good Muslim family with Karim as his father played by Christopher de Leon and Sitti, as his mother played by Sandy Andolong.

The film highlights the menace of human trafficking and about inter-faith relationships. The film intends to impart a strong message that with the tremendous cultural and religious diversity, we are all FILIPINOS, who truly belong to one family of GOD.

Though the action-drama story is a creative work of art and fiction, the cases mentioned here have a semblance of truth and are based on true to life encounters of modern day slavery. Definitely, the film, ACROSS THE CRESCENT MOON, does not only entertain, but it serves as an inspiration and enlightenment to what Filipinos should value most – lasting peace, love, preservation of family unity, and displaying the respectability and acceptability of each other’s faith. Most of all, to embrace a strong sense of mission to please God or Allah and instilling in every Filipino’s heart and mind – true patriotism in loving and serving the country well in every chosen field of endeavor people choose, should be in our spirit.

This powerful inspiring film strengthens family ties and deepens the faith of people in God as we see the characters in the story transformed into a strong solid family renewal of ties and love.

This film is an enriching, enlightening, entertaining and exciting action/ drama that moves the heart and uplifts the soul. To many who have seen it, they say that it has an indefinable quality that can heal the viewer emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. From beginning to end, it is pure heart-rending fast paced tale that grips you and brings you to the ultimate crisis and to a rare solution that can renew, strengthen and heal."