January 31, 2017

Artist Review: Pauline Dutkowski Of Canada

The two most noticeable attributes of the art works by Pauline Dutkowski are the uniqueness of their looks and the type of materials the artist used in creating them. Dutkowski is who you would call a textile artist because most of the materials she uses in her work are mostly composed of hand-spun fiber, silk, wool, linen, and other natural fibers. Dutkowski has made it her goal to express her artistic vision through fiber creations. She incorporates a lot of hand-weaving and embroidery in her work. A lot of her creations are in the form of tapestries which are widely considered as functioning art. This is a term used to describe art that doesn't only offer aesthetic pleasures but practical functions as well.

Although she was born in the United Kingdom, Dutkowski has lived most of her life in the Fraser Valley in Canada. In fact, a lot of her art works were inspired by Canadian culture and traditions. She has also said numerous times that her works are often inspired by God's creations. This is the main reason why her tapestries often feature nature themes and designs. From birds flying in the sky to creatures under the sea, Dutkowski have them meticulously embroidered in her works.

Another noticeable feature of Dutkowski's work is the deep and vibrant colors of her subjects. Every frame she creates is exploding with color. They sort of reminds you of the paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. It's possible that Dutkowski has been influenced by the great master's free-flowing style in creating colors on the canvas. Because of the type of materials she uses, majority of Dutkowski's creations have a 3D look to them. The threads and images reach out to you like a hand beckoning for you to come closer and enjoy the view. It creates an intimate connection between the piece of art and the person viewing it. Not many artists are able to create this type of connection but Dutkowski does it with relative ease.

For her creativity and versatility, Dutkowski is now widely considered as one of the best textile and fiber artists in the world. Her works have been exhibited in prestigious galleries in Spain, Italy, United States, and Chile. She's also a huge advocate of textile art. Back in 2010, she founded Outside the Box, an organization that celebrates fiber and textile art. The goal of the organization is to show the world the beauty and benefits of fiber and textile art.