March 13, 2017

3 People Dead In Car Accident In Cudal, Tabuk City, Kalinga

Three (3) people were killed while more than thirty (30) others were injured when the passenger jeepney they were riding rolled over in Tabuk City, Kalinga on Saturday morning (March 11). The road accident happened in barangay Cudal in said city.

The jeep was navigating through a portion of the road that goes downhill when the driver lost control over the jeep. The jeep's transmission gears reportedly malfunctioned. It flipped over, killing three of the passengers and injuring most of the other passengers.

The fatalities have been identified as Irene Mayaoyao, Vandam Mayaoyao, and Hero Wackisin. All of the victims are from Tanudan, also a municipality in the province of Kalinga. The injured were immediately rushed by respondents to the Kalinga Provincial Hospital and to the Almora General Hospital in Bulanao.

During the accident, the jeep was being driven by Ramos Mayaoyao. The driver was taken into custody by the Tabuk police after the incident. Many of those injured during the accident are currently being treated and recuperating in the hospitals they were brought to.

Both public and private drivers in Tabuk City are being advised to be very careful when traversing the region's often uneven roads and streets. Those who drive public transportation jeepneys should always make sure that their vehicles are in good working condition before using them to transport people.