May 4, 2017

How to Successfully Apply for a Customer Service Job in Malaysia

For several years now, the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in Malaysia has registered consistent growth. Both local and international companies are enjoying the rewards brought about by the increasing demand for skilled and articulate employees in the country. This abundance of customer service jobs in Malaysia means the competition to get in the field can be very tough. You have to put your best foot forward to increase your chances of landing a job. You can start by following the tips discussed below:

Focus on a Company That's Relevant to Your Educational Background
You should always keep in mind that BPO companies often operate within specific fields. For instance, a particular company can cater to businesses in the health industry. Another can operate within the technology field. Suffice it to say that if your educational background leans to the medical field, then you must target a BPO company that caters to the health industry. This is one of the most effective strategies in looking for a specific customer service job in Malaysia.

Research Extensively About the Company Before You Send in Your Resume
This is something that a lot of applicants often take for granted and they end up getting bypassed by HR managers. Hiring managers are very keen on finding out if you did your research or not. They prefer hiring applicants who make the extra effort of learning about the company and their services or products. It's not that difficult to find information about the companies that you want to work for. Simply visit their websites or read online resources about them. The more knowledgeable you are about the company, the better chances you have in getting hired.

Create and Polish Your Online Resume
Many outsourcing companies prefer that you send in your application and resume online. With that said, it's essential that you create a resume that can easily resonate with the company you are targeting. As much as possible, stick to the standard format in writing a resume because most hiring managers scan through the documents. Just see to it that your educational and work experience are highlighted because these are usually the sections that hiring managers scan first. Don't include unnecessary information in your resume because many employers find this off-putting.

Don't be Afraid to Directly Contact the Company You Want to Work For
This strategy is often referred to as cold calling. Basically, what you do is call the company or the proper hiring manager and ask if there are job vacancies available. It's very direct and a lot of people are afraid to do it but it's a proven method of finding employment. It operates within the idea that you won't be able to know about a job opening if you don't actively search for it.

Apply at Different Companies at the Same Time
Applying for a job is similar to gambling. You need to keep on hedging your bets. Don't be afraid to send in your resume and application to several companies within a similar time-frame. If one application doesn't work out, at least there are the other applications to which you can pin your hope on. Being persistent is the key here. These are the most important tips you need in finding and landing a customer service vacancy in Malaysia.

The bottomline here is that you must be creative, direct, and persistent in your search for a job. In following all the strategies discussed above, you will put yourself at a considerable advantage over the other applicants.