January 30, 2018

3 Wellness Brands That Are Revolutionizing The Way We Stay Healthy And Fit

Nowadays, with the proliferation of so many fitness and exercise trends out there, it’s very easy to get lost in all the hype. The problem with a lot of what’s out there is that they either don’t work or they fall short of their promises. However, there are three wellness brands that uniquely stand out from the crowd by developing and creating fitness products that actually improve people’s health and overall well-being. These brands are as follows:

1. Inada
Inada is widely considered as the manufacturer of the best massage chairs in the world. Originating in Japan and with offices in several other countries, the company is unrivalled when it comes to the quality of their chairs. That’s not surprising at all given the fact that the company has been developing and manufacturing high-end massage chairs for over a century. Since they started making massage chairs in the early 1960’s, Inada quickly grew into a leading brand because of their technical proficiency and attention to detail.

Inada was able to combine the concepts behind the Japanese massage called shiatsu and advancements on robotic chair technology. Their current bestseller is the Inada DreamWave Massage Chair which comes with several features and upgrades from previous models. Not only is the DreamWave a full-body massage chair, it also comes with five industry-first functions. These are:

a. Therapist’s Touch or Pull-Kneading Function for the Neck and Shoulders – Your neck and upper shoulders will feel a lot better with this new feature. It helps a lot on relieving stiff neck and shoulder pain.
b. Full Arm Massage Function – Every part of your arm will be massaged. From your finger tips to your shoulders, every inch of your arm will be relaxed and kneaded.
c. Full Body Stretch Function – By bending your upper body, you can fully stretch to relax your joints and muscles.
d. New Swing Function – This is the icing on the cake because it comes after a good massage.
e. Youth Program – The chair is adjustable so that younger people can use it as well.

In particular, the new swing function is something you should pay attention to. This is because it’s a feature that you can only find in the DreamWave. The massage chair perfectly copies the hands of a professional therapist after a treatment. The soft sides of the chair presses into your pelvis while moving the air cells in the seat. This creates a swaying sensation that will make you feel more relaxed and reinvigorated.

Several other features were added as upgrades for the DreamWave. These new features include deep relaxation settings, consecutive sessions, longer massage sessions, a more convenient automatic recline, infrared seat heat, more comfortable arm air bags, and a smartphone socket. You can plug in your smartphone and listen to your favourite songs as you relax.

Another product by Inada that you might also consider is the 3S Flex Medical Massage Chair. It’s the perfect chair for relieving tension, pain, and stress. The chair focuses on stretching which means majority of its features enables you to stretch and exercise all sections of your body. A lot of people use this chair to alleviate pain from a stiff neck as well as to fix poor posture.

2. Peloton
It’s no secret that exercise is very important in maintaining your health. If you don’t exercise, you will be more susceptible to all kinds of illnesses. [Link to study.] The good news is that you can get all the exercise you need in the comforts of your home. This is the beauty of Peloton’s revolutionary exercise bike. This is an indoor exercise bike that comes with a huge front screen. The screen is there so that you can watch on-demand classes being livestreamed as you work out. Peloton has specifically chosen world-class fitness instructors to teach the live lessons.

Another great feature of the Peloton indoor bike is its interactive system. You can see on the screen a real-time leader board featuring the scores and performances of other riders from all over the world. The statistics provide you more fire to work and exercise harder. Last but not the least, you also have the ability to track your progress on the bike by looking at the in-depth metrics provided by Peloton.

In a nutshell, this is an exercise bike that combines fitness and community-building. You get to reach your fitness goals while interacting with other fitness enthusiasts from around the country.

3. Altwork
If you work in an environment wherein you have to either sit or stand all day, then your health is in jeopardy. [Link to study.] This is the driving force that encouraged Altwork to develop their Altwork Station. Think of the product as the ultimate work space. Whether you want to sit, stand, or recline, your chair and your computer adapt to all your movements. The revolutionary product offers the ultimate comfort.

It doesn’t matter what position you take, the work station moves along with you. You can work in any position you want. This ultimately improves your productivity and work ethic. The work station was also designed so that you can easily collaborate with anyone. Whether you want to call a meeting or go over a presentation, the Altwork Station allows you to do so with relative ease.

In other words, the Altwork Station has found a way to efficiently merge you with your chair, desk, and computer. You no longer have to deal with the clutter and hassle caused by standard work stations. And of course, there’s the fact that the Altwork Station doesn’t compromise your health. In fact, it helps in making you healthier and more stress-free.

The bottom line here is that there are brands out there who actually take the time and the resources to develop and manufacture products that deal with real health problems. They are what you would call revolutionaries of the wellness industry. Among those leading the pack are Inada, Peloton, and Altwork. If you get any of their products, you are assured of quality and reliability. You will become healthier and stronger. You’ll also get rid of the pain, stress, and anxiety associated with work.