February 5, 2018

1 Dead, 1 Injured in a Road Accident in Balatoc, Pasil, Kalinga

One man died while another was injured when the mini dump truck they were riding fell off a road ravine within the vicinity of Cadamayan, Balatoc, Pasil in the province of Kalinga. The incident occurred on Sunday.

The man who perished in the accident has been identified as Eddie Sawil. Sawil is 60 years old, married, and the owner of the ill-fated mini dump truck.

His companion who was injured in the incident was Eric Wanawan. Wanawan is thirty years old, married, and he was the one driving the truck. Both Sawil and Wanawan are residents of barangay Balatoc in the town of Pasil.

According to an incident report, Sawil and Wanawan were on their way to Balatoc. Their truck was carrying aggregates and construction materials. They were on an inclined portion of the road when the truck suffered from a mechanical failure.

Wanawan, the driver, wasn't able to control the truck which eventually fell off a ravine measuring around fifty meters.

Sawil reportedly died on the accident site. Wanawan, on the other hand, was rushed to the Kalinga Provincial Hospital for medical treatment and observation.