February 21, 2018

GCash Suspends Their PayPal to GCash Service Because Of Payment Fulfillment Issues

Well, it's clear now. If you are among the hundreds of freelancers in the Philippines who can't transfer their funds from PayPal to GCash, here's some bad news for you. GCash has just suspended their PayPal to GCash service.

This means that for the time being, you won't be able to transfer your money from your PayPal account to your GCash wallet. It can be recalled that for several days now, the service has been unavailable. It's only now that GCash personnel have come out to directly state that the service has been suspended.

When asked about the unavailability of service, GCash representatives replied with the following answer: "Hi. We recently suspended the PayPal to GCash service because we detected payment fulfillment issues between the two parties.

This is a preventive measure to protect you, our customers, and the integrity of your transactions. We're working closely with PayPal to get the service back to normal. We hope for your understanding."

Well, there are three important things that we can learn from the above statement. One, the service has been suspended which means you can't use it until further notice. Two, the breakdown of the service was due to payment fulfillment issues between PayPal and GCash. But that seems like a canned response. The cause if probably much more complicated. And three, GCash is working with PayPal to bring back the service. There's no way of knowing if this is true. Only time will tell.