July 1, 2019

Councilor Amante Doral Sr. Shot Dead In Narnara, Pilar, Abra

A councilor who just got reelected in the recent May elections was shot dead by a still unidentified assailant. According to the Pilar police, Amante Doral Sr. came from the flag-raising ceremony at the municipal hall when the attack happened. He was riding on a motorcycle with his son Jocker driving. The attack occurred within the vicinity of barangay Narnara.

Amante reportedly fell off the motorcycle when he was shot. His son lost control of the bike and crashed it on the road. Meanwhile, the assailant immediately fled the area. Jocker brought his critically injured father to a nearby police station. Responders then rushed Amante to the town's health center. The man died later at the facility due to multiple gunshot wounds.

The authorities are currently investigating the incident. They are still working to identify the perpetrator and the motive behind his evil actions.