May 23, 2020

Viral Video: Pasay City Councilor Arnel Moti Arceo Berating Health Workers And Frontliners

A video of a man berating health workers and frontliners for using a city session hall for rapid testing purposes has gone viral online. As of this writing, the video has been shared more than six thousand times and counting. The 5-minute video shows a man berating health workers and frontliners at the Pasay City Hall. The uploader of the video identified the man as Pasay City councilor Arnel Moti Arceo.

According to the post, the video was taken in May 19, 2020. The video was filmed by councilor Arceo himself. It's unclear how the video transferred from Moti into the hands of the uploader. She simply stated that the video was sent to her by a friend.

According to the uploader, med-techs of Pasay City were conducting rapid testing at the session hall when Arceo arrived. Angered by what's happening at the session hall, Arceo started berating the workers. He angrily paced the hallway outside the session hall, all the while hurling insults at the workers. He shouted at them for wearing masks and PPEs. Obviously affected by the councilor's insults, some of the workers started taking off their PPEs.

Who is in the wrong here? Are frontliners not allowed to use city session halls as rapid testing venues? It became clear that the frontliners were following directives. In short, they were just doing their jobs. There was a memo from the head of the HR department that "there will be a rapid testing for the skeleton workforce" at said venue and date. The memo was signed by Maverick S. Sevilla.

Furthermore, according to the uploader, the aggrieved med-techs decided to file a legal complaint but they were allegedly discouraged by the City Health Department. So now, they are afraid to push through with the complaint because doing so might cost them their jobs.