May 15, 2020

Who Is Riguel Jameson Alleje And Why Is He Trending On Twitter?

I opened my Twitter account this morning. As I usually do, I check what's trending in the Philippines. Riguel Jameson Alleje is among the top trending topics. I've never heard of this name. Who is he? Why is he trending? So I did a little bit of digging.

Well, to cut the story short, apparently, Riquel Jameson Alleje is a character in a series of online stories written by a Filipino author who goes by the pen name of Jonaxx. Apparently, today (May 16) is his birthday. This is why hundreds of readers of the stories are greeting the character Happy Birthday on Twitter.

Collectively called Jonaxx's Stories Lovers or JSL as fans of the stories call the series, the stories were published online on Wattpadd and other online platforms.

In a a Facebook page for the stories, Riguel Jameson Alleje is described as:

•"Valedictorian (Alegria National High School)
• Magna Cum Laude, BS in Accountancy (Alegria Community College)
• Topnotcher (Bar Exam)
• Lawyer
• Business man
• Handsome, Loyal, Brilliant, Gentleman, Responsible, Futuristic, Faithful, Successful, and Perfect. Who wouldn't love a man like Riguel? He's everything, everyone wants. 💛


He’s an achiever, a family centered man, a man full of respect and principles, a gentleman, and a man who’s willing to wait for eight years for Lilienne. Who wouldn’t be love him and declare as their husband? JSL.

Happy Birthday Atty. Riguel Jameson Alleje! Our Batis King, The man with principles."