August 19, 2021

The Inspiring Story of Patricia Mae Tandas: House and Land Owner at Only 19 Years Old

Here's an inspiring story for young people on the topics of investing and independence. It's about a 19-year-old girl, barely out of being a teenager, who was able to earn and save money in order to buy her own house and lot. Most people at this age are still struggling and focused on trivial things. Not Patricia Mae Tandas. She has her eyes on the more important things in life.

At the very young age of 19, she is now the proud owner of a piece of land and a nice house that stands over it. Here's the more amazing part of the story. She is a working student which means she works at night and studies during the day. Patricia works as a call center agent at  business process outsourcing (BPO) company.

In a Facebook post, Patricia Mae Tandas has this to say: "Dati, pangarap ko lang talaga magkaroon ng sarili kong kuwarto. Ngayon, mas malaki pa sa kuwarto yung makukuha ko. Katas ng puyat at pagod sa pagiging call center agent. Estudyante pa yan sa umaga."

Rough English translation: "At first, I simply dreamed of having my own room. Now, I'm getting something that is much bigger than a room. All the hard work and late nights as a call center agent is starting to pay off. All of this I did while being a student during the day."

The eldest in four siblings, Patricia Mae Tandas told Smart Parenting that she has always longed for privacy. They didn't have their own rooms at home. They sleep in the second floor of their house. There are barriers between them but there are no rooms for their privacy.

Patricia Mae initially wanted to save enough money to renovate their home and have rooms built. While browsing one day through her Facebook feed, she came across an advertisement for a house and lot that's for sale. This made her rethink her plans. She decided to buy her own house and lot instead. 

Patricia Mae Tandas also applied for a PAG-IBIG housing loan and it was approved. She processed the papers herself and submitted all the necessary requirements. 

Patricia Mae is very busy these days. Aside from working as a call center agent at night and studying during the day, she also runs her small online business as a side hustle. She sells baked goods and cookies.

Moral of the story? Being young is not an excuse to not owning your own house and lot. Patricia Mae Tandas has proven that with hard work, a penchant for saving money, and an eye for investments, you can own your own house and lot at a very young age.