Observer Philippines is a blog the primary goal of which is to publish stories that we think matter to the Filipino people. There wasn't a lot of planning involved in getting the site up. Basically, a bunch of guys (and a gal), inspired by their shared passion for writing, just decided to set up a website where they can write about stuff concerning the Philippines.

What kind of content do we publish? All kinds. We cover pretty much every topic under the sun. Politics, current events, culture, entertainment, you name it. We do hard news stuff. We also put out a lot of opinion pieces and essays. Once in a while, we also do satire stuff. You can identify a piece as satire by looking at the "tags" section at the end of the article. If one of the tags is "satire", then the piece is satire.

And here are the writers making up the Observer Philippines team:
1) Troy Liam Cancino (contributor, aspiring comedian, video game addict, Stephen King fan)
2) Lucas Morales (contributor, jack of all trades, part-time farmer, coffee gulper)
3) Ana Lanitob (contributor, Joseph Gordon Levitt fan, aspiring filmmaker, amateur painter)
4) Chris John Palan-ey (contributor, traveler, biker, swimmer, water bender)
5) Javier Sicario (contributor, movie junkie, book hoarder)
6) Others (those who prefer remaining anonymous)

Thanks for visiting.